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AT 2:40

So glad he got to meet a foreign fan and get some love,
but did she just HAVE to throw up the koreaboo heart and call him oppa?  AUGH

sorry, it just annoys me

Ugh, I just love this man

A little old, this came out in GQ Korean before his album came out.  I don't know why, I just love love love his answers and how he thinks and how he seems to be pretty honest.

Zero pretensions. 100% Real. Like a rock, a mountain range and the sun afar. TaeYang, who is soon to release his first full album, does not stop to cry. He does not pace or hesitate either. Because his performances alone speak loud and clear. A GQ interview with TaeYang, an unusual teen idol who possesses both sincerity and instinct.

TaeYang is an unusual teen idol. He is larger than life and free only within the boundaries of what’s “real,” which is defined by himself. When he asks, “I should just do my thing, right?” that is what he sincerely feels. What kind of an idol cares about sincerity?

Would you like something to drink? A beer?
Alcohol is not really…

Do you like winter? A weather like today?
I like winter because I get to put on a lot of clothes. And most of my favorite songs go well with the season, and, I don’t know, I like the warm feeling. Calm, medium tempo songs like this. I listen to Karina (Pasian)’s Slow Motion often these days. Michael Jackson’s old songs, too.

Remember? After we had our “Men of the Year” interview last year, we promised to meet again after you have gained lots of new experiences?
(Laughs) I really wanted to experience lots of new things, which you might call seductions, in 2009, but am afraid I haven’t had time to learn new things through first-hand experiences.

What were you so busy with?
To be honest, I spent over six months in the studio working with Teddy. When I wasn’t working on my album, I wanted to watch him writing and producing music to learn something from him. We just hung around listening to music together. Of course the biggest thought on my mind was the desire to make a great full album. We shared a great sense of achievement when we created something cool together and, I don’t know, a sense of happiness when we found great music and listened to it together.

Was it all good? Surely, it must have been different from when you were making “Look Only at Me.” This is your first full album we are talking about – you must have had to deal with the pressure to do better. The expectations were insanely high…
The pressure was great indeed. I’ve gotten over it a bit now but I had been all anxiety until my first single came out. To tell you the truth, this interview was supposed to happen in October but I had to postpone it because I was full of anxiety and felt that I had nothing to say. Probably I wouldn’t have been able to answer any of your questions in a prudent and proper manner.

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I think watching this is so good to wind down to

W T F??

The hell is wrong with my Window Media Player?
It can't locate my Limewire file, and so I can't get those music files to WMP.

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